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Nutrients Inc. Product List

  • Nutri-Go 1000For use in packed generators
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  • Nutri-Go 1500A concentrate is mixed 2 parts dextrose to 1 part Nutri-Go 1500 to make 3 parts vinegar nutrients. Used in submerged fermentations at strengths up to 16% acid
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  • Nutri-Go 2000The same as nutri-Go 1500 but comes with the dextrose already added
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  • Nutri-Go 2500Used for vinegars such as corn sugar, malt and cider to improve production cycle times
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  • Nutri-Go 3000Improved cycle times in standard vinegar production. Works well in vinegar production above 16% acid
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  • All Nutri-Go products are 100% soluble in vinegar.

Frings America Products List

  • Acetozym DS+2 Works well in all types of submerged vinegar. fermentations.Is 100% soluble in vinegar
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  • Acetozym GZA concentrate, mix 2 parts dextrose to 1 part Acetozym GZ to make 4 parts vinegar nutrients
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  • Acetozym DGZBest suited for submerged vinegar fermentations below 17% acid
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Your Solution

With the addition of the entire Frings America product line, Nutrients Inc. has expanded our vinegar nutrient offering. We are confident that we can match your nutrient needs.

Kosher Products:

We are under Kosher supervision provided by the Organized Kashrus Labs. Their certification is accepted by all other certifying groups. All products are kosher for daily use (pareve). We can also supply some Nutrients approved for use in compliance with Passover regulations.

Product Packaging

All product is currently packaged in 50-pound bags. We offer as standard-50 bags (2500 lbs) to a pallet. At a slight up charge half pallet shipments are available. We use a multi-wall bag with a poly bag liner. Palletized product is shrink wrapped with both a top and bottom protective sheet included.

Product Shipping

Most orders can be shipped from floor stock. Orders received before noon can usually be shipped on that same day.